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Before your root canal consult

Before you visit an endodontist for a possible root canal treatment, a few things would help in the diagnosis and treatment.

First, do not take any pain medications (aspirin, Ibuprofen, Advil, etc.) before your exam appointment. If you mask your symptoms, the doctor may not be able to isolate which tooth is causing the problems. Antibiotics can do this as well so timing of the exam with taking antibiotics is important.

Second, have a list of the medications you are taking. You don’t want those ugly adverse drug interactions happening.

man relaxing in chairFinally, if you are anxious, let the doctor know. There is no need to stress over this. While your mind may know it’s just like a long, boring filling, you can still be emotionally stressed. That can make it difficult to get numb. And, numbing is a good thing. So, your doctor can prescribe an anxiolytic. Chill….

Antibiotic pre-med (prophylaxis)

antibiotic pre-medDo you need an antibiotic before root canal treatment (called antibiotic prophylaxis)? There are two categories of patients who may need this. Those with certain heart conditions and those with artificial joints. The rules have changed in the last few years so what may have been true for you in the past may not be true now.

Here is an excerpt from the American Dental Society:

“Before some dental treatments, patients who have certain heart conditions and those with artificial joints take antibiotics. These people may be at risk of developing an infection in the heart or at the site of the artificial joint, respectively. Antibiotics reduce this risk. This is called antibiotic prophylaxis (pronounced pro-fuh-lax-iss).

“When treating patients with heart conditions, dentists follow recommendations developed by the American Heart Association, with input from the ADA. For patients who have total joint replacements, they refer to recommendations developed by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS).”

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New research was recently published in the British Medical Journal about antibiotic prophylaxis. Research in this area is ongoing so expect more changes to these recommendations in time.