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Tooth pain only gets worse

woman wtih toothacheOne of the most common things I see in our Durham Endodontics practice is someone who has had aching or slight tooth pain for months (sometimes years). Then, presto, they are in excruciating pain and in need of emergency root canal treatment (it really can go from a pain level 2 to a 10 in just hours). Fortunately, for our patients, we keep time for emergency appointments every day.

However, one common problem — you’re in too much pain for the anesthetic to work. So, first we need to get the pain under control.

My advice is…don’t wait. Tooth pain only gets worse. Tooth decay or a nerve that is dying does not spontaneously heal itself. So, go to your dentist at the early stage of a toothache. Maybe, you won’t even need a root canal treatment. If you wait, at least we have those emergency appointments.